About - Elliott Simonberg

Contact Elliott at esimonberg@gmail.com or text to 303-638-5661.

Elliott is passionate about travel. The opportunity that arose after retiring from an interesting, but mostly office-bound career, has led to personal fulfillment that at a younger age could only be dreamt about. Having visited all the continents and 80 countries with more to go, his goal is to see as much of the world as practical, especially through his eyes as a geologist. Viewing beautiful landscapes are awe inspiring, although cities, architecture, archeological sites, and wildlife are rewarding as well. There is nothing like seeing a unique natural landscape for the first time. It is hoped that avid travelers and those who intend to travel will be inspired by these images of special places.

Photography is the obvious way to capture memories of international and domestic adventures. Each image tells a story. All the photos were taken with point-and-shoot cameras with light editing in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Initially, the website served as an archive, but now is available to all who share the traveling bug. The 'Canvas' tab displays those images that have been previously printed on canvas, an excellent 'fine art' style format for display. More canvas prints will be available in the future.

Images will be continually added. Digitized images of trips from the pre-digital era will also be included. Follow Elliott's blog for continuous updates on future adventures as well as discussion of previous trips. Feedback is always welcome. Happy traveling to all who share the goal of seeing planet Earth in all its amazing variety.

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