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Photo-journey beginnings

How I became a traveler.

May 17, 2016

By: Elliott Simonberg

How did I get to being a frequent, some say obsessive, traveler. My background as a geologist has fostered my interest in exploring the various corners of the world. I am especially interested In seeing all types of terrain, whether alpine, desert, coastal, and many more. This is an outgrowth of my academic speciality in geomorphology, the study of landscapes and landforms. A professor once told me that 'every bump in the topography has a reason for being there'. So I want to understand those terrains and appreciate their diversity and beauty.

My interests are not confined only to the natural landscapes but everything contained therein. Wildlife is magical in its natural setting, not so easy to find in modern times. But viewing thousands of game animals on the Serengheti plains is an awe inspiring site. Tens of thousands of penguins on a breeding beach on South Georgia Island, not far from Antarctica, is magical. Searching for rhinos in South Africa, bird life in the Galapagos, the list goes on.

But I love to see what humans have created, for better or worse. From the ancient historical sites, Machu Picchu, Angor Wat, and the pyramids to modern cities with their great and horrible architecture; New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Rio to name a sampling.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of the natural and man made world with my fellow travelers. We all know and constantly hear about the exhaustive problems facing the planet, but never forget how fascinating a place is planet Earth.

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