Canvas - Elliott Simonberg

Printing photographs on canvas is a relatively new technology that creates "fine art" quality pieces.

The images shown here have been printed on canvas, quality controlled, and fitted to a specific size. You can search the available canvases by size or by location/theme. When you select a canvas by location/theme, return to the "By size-in inches" gallery to see the size in which your selected canvas is available.

Pricing is shown. Canvases are available in full wrap, where the photograph wraps around the edges, black wrap (black edges) or white wrap (white edges). Select your choice. Keep in mind that full wrap may change what is seen on the front of the canvas. Canvases are mounted on wood frames, approximately 1.25 inches deep. They are light weight and easy to hang. No framing is necessary.

Most other images on the site can be printed on canvas. When ordering, specify your preferred size from those available. I will see if your size is a good fit, and, if not, may recommend an alternative size. Generally, orders require a two week turnaround.

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